Leaders in Transforming Iconic
Brands and Characters into magical fast moving apparel & home products

Being a leader in fast moving Apparel & Home products you can be sure we can produce it all; from t-shirts to pyjama’s, from footwear to bags & hats and from towels to bedding.

Online, offline, entertainment or brands, we are your one-stop-shop solution. Outperforming the market on design, price and quality, as after all, ’a nice colour is not more expensive than an ugly one’. Having our own in-house design studio, we are always on trend and ready for the next new trend or product. All latest developments are now also displayed in our new 440 m2 Showroom!

We want to deliver exactly THAT what enables our customers to be successful!

Being a frontrunner in this industry, we just should make impact, and as Fun is Serious Business we launched our own brand TRASHCODE ® in 2018, already becoming the sustainable standard within our industry. We are constant aiming for making our products & actions even greener than they already are.