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Quality & Compliance


Every day we're working hard together with our local teams and partners to monitor and safeguard a safe workspace under fair conditions, where every individual is treated with respect. This is not always easy, but looking or walking away is not an option. Reviewing and auditing our production-units on a regular base and having Amfori/BSCI as our minimum standard makes us less vulnerable. Striving on long term partnerships and being in it for "better and for worse", we protect and grow together towards improvement. Our local staff in Asia is highly experienced and trained and, together with the support of our buying teams, they source our products based on latest standards and requirements. They make sure production, fit, quality and labor- and environmental conditions meet both legal requirements and customers standards. Because compliance means “doing it right by controlling it right”, even when some don’t take it that serious.


Random audits by third parties, our local offices and by our buyers are being conducted on a regular base to monitor and control our factories. Next to our own initiatives in keeping the factory standard under control, our customers and licensors annually audit our factories as well. With this system we can assure our customers compliance at our factories is top priority and strictly controlled.


Quality is as important to us, as it is to you. That’s why all orders are assessed on risks where it concerns safety and chemical requirements before we are sending our orders to the factory. Making sure goods meet all requirements. Our quality department filters possible risks and, if needed, have orders adjusted together with our sales department and our customers.



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